Falling container crushes two vehicles in Lagos


The container and damaged vehicles
The container and damaged vehicles


A trailer conveying a container, late this afternoon fell from the Ojuelegba bridge, causing pandemonium and chaotic traffic situation on the ever busy Ikorodu Road in Lagos.
According to an eye witness, “the container fell on two cars, crushing one, an SUV totally and the other partly.” Another eye witness reported that, “the driver of the second car managed to escape but his vehicle cannot be repaired again.
The sad incidence happened while commuters were returning home after the day’s work. Rescue mission is still ongoing at the time of filing this report, though many believe the deed has been done.
“What is left is how to clear the road because we cannot be sure of the survival of anyone still remaining under the container, except by divine intervention,” a wailing eye witness said.
However, traffic officials, security agencies and mammoth crowd of sympathisers are presently at the scene this evening. The traffic situation is already worsened by this accident.
Many have called on the state government to stop movement of containers during the day and especially from moving on bridges.


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