Corrupt officials must face trial; go to jail-CAN Chair



Recently, the Lagos State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) held its annual prayer rally. The rally, tagged: Inter-Denominational Divine
Service (IDDS), held at The Apostolic Church, Ketu, Lagos, attracted Christians from Lagos and beyond. Chairman of Lagos CAN, Rev. Alexander Bamgbola after the event, responded to questions from journalists. According to Bamgbola, reason for the IDDS was to gather to glorify God and pray for the Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole. He encouraged the Federal Government not to relent in the war against graft. In his opinion, corrupt officials found to be truly corrupt must face the music and be put where they belong. DAYO EMMANUEL reports:


Can you tell us the essence of the Inter-Denominational Divine

The essence of it is to glorify God together as one body, the church of God in Lagos State comes together once in a year to praise God, to praise Him and give Him thanks, and He will continue to be our God and He has proven it to us that He is our God. We have seen the peace in this state, the prosperity in this state, it significant and the church has been praying, here in this state we pray and God answers our prayer. You can see the unity. The significance of this program today, you will see all the five arms of every church in our nation is represented in Lagos State, you can see unity in all things,  in love, in all things. We lift the governor of Lagos up in the spirit, physically in all the things we are doing, the spiritual controls the physical, we thank the Lord for what He is doing.

Sir, what can you say has been the significance of this annual event?

It is an annual event, who can impart anything but Jesus, where God is there is an impart,  anytime we are gathered in the name of Jesus there is always an impact, did you hear the word of God from the guest minister today?, if that word does not impact your heart you are the devil.

 What is your assessment of the war against corruption in Nigeria?

There is a change. The change must start from us. Every country that is functioning well today, thrives on the rule of law and that is what we are saying. I thank God for the youths. At your age, you know what you have suffered in Nigeria, I was just 70 last week, I have suffered all my life, with all my education all my exposure, unless you are ready to steal, now nemesis is catching up on them. I encourage the President, we encourage his team. Nationally, we must deal with corruption, we must get hold of the corrupt people and put them where they belong. Go and look at my record, I returned to Nigeria in 1979. I have been in the fore front of the war against corruption, even before the Lord brought me to be where I am by grace as Chairman of CAN, go and check my record, you will never find me in corruption, the team we have now you will never find any of them in corruption. Check it out and if you have anything that has to do with corruption with me, you should put it on air, report it to the EFCC.

How do you feel when you hear that several million of Naira are released for spiritual purposes like we heard recently?

I have not heard of CAN in the Dasuki gate and nobody has come out to prove it. I said to my people, If they should give N7b to CAN, I should return from Abuja, and come back to Lagos with at least N500M for Lagos CAN. Find out from Lagos CAN, ask if there was anyone who got a Kobo. It is all fabrication and they try to put the Church in a bad light. That is why it was spoken before the election, come out and tell us, bring the evidence. Some people might have collected money. May be they said people got money in the name of CAN, it is not Lagos CAN.

Some people are calling for the prosecution of the former President, what can you say about this?

What is wrong about it? The woman President in Peru was recently sent to jail. The President of Israel and the Prime Minister, two of them had been locked up. One of them died after several years in coma. If you are put in the position of trust by the people, not just a few people, I mean if a nation puts you in a position of trust and you betray that trust, no matter who you are, you should go to jail. No matter who you are, that is the rule of law we are talking about. I have no sympathy for anyone; just make sure we get it right. You get the fact, if they are guilty, they should go to jail, no matter who they are!





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