Oral and Anal Sex



by Pastor Christopher Ikebuwa
All forms of sex among the unmarried persons are totally condemned by scriptures, and this includes oral or anal sex.

Oral Sex: Oral intercourse is sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitals of one person by another through the use of the mouth (including the lips, tongue or teeth).
Anal Sex: Is intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or a woman, (that is, between individuals of opposite or same sex).

What About The Married?
For The Married: both oral and anal sex are non-reproductive sexual behaviours that are against God-created, normal use of sex between a man and his wife. In other words, it is an abnormal way to have sex.

Someone might ask at this juncture, “Is it a sin for a man and his wife to practice oral sex?”

1). My first answer is this: I strongly believe that oral sex is a clear deviation from the natural and original purpose of having sexual intercourse. God has so designed both the shaft of the male organ and the vulva of the female organ to properly fit into each other in order to supply the appropriate pleasure for sexual intimacy and for reproduction within the context of marriage; otherwise, conception and delivery would have been through the mouth.

Although some people say it is a sin, considering it as unconventional way of having sex. In other words, it’s a complete deviation from what God had originally intended (cf. Rom 1:27);

2). Oral sex, is offending against sexual mores (from Latin mōrēs, = mɔreɪz = “habit”); it is dirty and completely unhygienic.

3). Oral or anal sex is absolutely contrary to the natural and best way, the only wise God has all along made the female and male organ to function together, for the mutual supply/release of the appropriate hormones they are meant to always generate, for the benefit of sexual pleasure.
4). Oral or anal sex remains an abnormal way, for the stimulation/secretion of the appropriate hormones, in only one sexual organ (male or female) for sexual feelings and purpose. The mouth is not designed thus to generate any sexual hormone when used for oral/anal sex; and neither does the anus which is meant more for defecating or to stool with also has the capacity to produce sexual hormone either. They are not configured to generate sexual hormones for the purpose of heightening sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

It’s an inappropriate way for sexual gratification. (To be continued)


*Pastor Christopher Ikebuwa is the Pastor of Grace Finishers Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria.

*Used by permission.


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