Cleric tasks Nigeria on national repentance



President of the Christ Apostolic Church Mission (CACM), Pastor Simeon Adesoji Ajayi  has advised the federal government of Nigeria to go back to God for the solution the nation urgently needs.

Ajayi, who fielded questions from journalists recently while the church marked its 62nd anniversary in Lagos said one’s maker is the one who has the solution to any problem of the individual.

“First and foremost, Nigeria must return to God. The Yorubas would say someone’s maker is the one who knows how to repair one. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows the end from the beginning. We must go back to God,” he said.

Ajayi stated further that, “Whenever the Israelites erred, I mean the Israelites before the new generation, every year they called on God, Lord we have sinned. I think Jonathan did something like that, he gathered some of his officials to Israel. What would those people do? Sinners, looters, going there for what?” He asked.

Talking about the format the national prayer of repentance should take, Ajayi said, “Nigerians including people on the street should prostrate and beg God. The government will direct us what to do, first of all thank God for keeping us together, number two, forgive us all our sins, we must confess them before forgiveness,” he said.

The cleric also said many people do not know what forgiveness means. “A lot do not know the meaning of forgiveness. David confessed and he was forgiven despite the enormity of his offence. Let us go to the Lord in prayer and tell Him we have sinned particularly during the FESTAC, we faced satan and took our face from you, ever since 1977, Nigeria never got it right.”


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