Student Christian Mission preaches unity among Nigerian Christian students

Igalo at the press conference in Lagos

Nigeria’s foremost Christian group, the Student Christian Movement (SCM) is set to mark its 75th anniversary.

At a recent press conference in Ikeja, Lagos, President of the group, Rev. Eric Igalo told journalists that the SCM of Nigeria is a Faith-Based Youth Organisation duly registered as a not-for-profit entity with the Nigerian government.

“We are the Nigerian affiliate of the conglomerate of National SCMs forming the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF). The WSCF is a Geneva-based, Non-Governmental, non-profit, International Student Christian Organisation with affiliated nation Student Christan Movements in over 90 countries of the world and has a consultative status with the United Nations.”

Stating further Igalo said, the SCM of Nigeria is the largest affiliate in Africa and conceivably the world and is also a member of the member of the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) as well as the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

Meanwhile activities have begun around the country where the group has installations and already scheduled to climax at the 75th anniversary in 2016.
Answering questions from participants, Igalo did not fail to clarify that the group is strictly a non-denominational outfit which had been since 1940. While virtually all mega churches move to have campus fellowships, Igalo said these and other issues are what the leadership of SCM would like to address. “It is obvious that Churches today now have several fellowships on the campuses, it would be nice if these young ones could find a meeting point in a joint fellowship to foster unity among brethren.”

The group however noted that unity of the body of Christ must be propagated early among young Christians especially on the campuses who must not at their early stage propagate the message of division which the larger church has experienced.

The SCM of Nigeria was founded in 1940 by Dr. Francis Akanu Ibiam, a former Governor of the Old Easter Region of Nigeria and Chief T. O. Ejiwunmi, a one-time Secretary to the Government of the Old Western Region of Nigeria who came in contact with the SCM as students in the United Kingdom.
Also at the event were senior members of the group including Rev. Solomon Adegbolagun, a former President of the group, Mr. Tola Noibi among other dignitaries.


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