If your son sags his trousers…


By Kingsley Obom-Egbulem

If your son sags his trousers and wears ear rings, you need to bother. It’s not just about teens culture or a case of youthful exuberance. You’ve got bigger and more fundamental issues to deal with.

That boy has a void and in serious need of identity and currently modelling after people(yes.. I mean gutter snipe rappers, crack heads, gangsters, vagrants, jailbirds, so called celebrities) he considers more influential than you who at the same time can resolve to his quest for identity.

These people actually are more influential than you… just in case you don’t realise. It might look like this sagging thing is a phase in his life: a phase that would soon be over. But it’s also an indication that you are not the most influential person in his life.

So, even when he’s done with sagging, he’ll be ready and willing to pick up the next available fad since he’s got no identity in the first place. Get close to your son (and daughter) and help him resolve his identity crisis. Our kids need to be told at home who they really are. That can’t happen if you’re far from them.

Please don’t mistake presence for closeness and don’t underestimate the place of being the most powerful (positive) influence in your child’s life. It’s a great day.


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