Student Christian Mission, Nigeria, to mark 75th Anniversary

Dayo Emmanuel

A faith-based organisation, and the first interdenominational Christian student group, The Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria is set to mark its 75th anniversary.

Founded in 1940, the SCM in Nigeria has the mandate to calling students and youths to a life of faith in Christ and a challenge to live out this Faith in society.

According to a release made available by by the President of the group, Rev. Eric Ighalo, “the group’s core belief is that the ‘student world’ is the fulcrum for societal transformation and leadership development. Her members hold as their motto the scripture verse of John 17:21 that says ‘that all may be one’ in an affirmation of unity that comes from being in Christ irrespective of gender, tribe or nationality; and subscribes to an active faith through what it commonly describes as ‘The Bible in one hand, and the newspaper on the other’”

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