Petty trader accident victim cries for help, risks amputation

Dayo Emmanuel

Felicia DavidFelicia David

Felicia David, a petty trader, only left her home 30th October to run her trading activities. Unknown to her, she was going to stay off trade for a while.

The ever busy Lagos-Badagry expressway was as usual a bee hive of activities, while traders, passer byes and motorists, including heavy duty vehicles, battle for space on the congested highway.

Blaring horns, noisy speakers from motor parks, power generating sets, record-selling shops, fumes from power generating sets, vehicle exhaust pipes, pollute the air almost round the clock. Indeed, the Alaba rago area of the Lagos metropolis is one of the busiest.

After treatmentAfter treatment

Felicia and other road users, narrowly escaped death on the fateful day, but she wasn’t as lucky while a truck matched her right foot.
If not for providence, she would have been killed instantly by the moving truck which was immediately halted. The driver, Luke Owolabi…

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