‘Boko Haram insurgent is God’s punishment for Nigeria’s sins’


Coordinator of an interdenominational prayer group, Women of Intercession International Fellowship (WIIF), Mrs. Patricia Eworo, has said that Boko Haram insurgent in the North Eastern Nigeria is God’s punishment for the many sins an oppression in Nigeria.

She made the statement on the first day of the group’s en of the year programme in Lagos.

Tagged “When the Woman is Weary,” the interdenominational event which started today would end 4th December at the Ashton Garden, Ogba, Lagos. The event drew a large turnout of participants from the Lagos metropolis and beyond.

Eworo at the prayer rally said, “In summary, the vision of this group is born out of the Spirit of God to raise peculiar, sanctified and separated women who would touch God with their cry until a change comes.”

According to Eworo, the group, which began ten year ago, meets three times a month to intercede. “We meet to intercede, we started ten years ago, and by the grace of God, we have diverse testimonies,” she said, adding that “When the Buhari presidency was to come to being, God already showed us in the place of prayer. I feel as an intercessor, God shows you things.”

Relaying her experience at the inception of the ministry, Eworo said, “When we started ten years ago, we had a lot of people and I realised they came for diverse things, some came to represent the devil, some came because they saw well dressed women, many women started telling other women and everywhere would be saturated during our meetings. Some women were already saying we should turn it to a Church, but I knew what God told me initially. I remember how God sent Pastor Wole Oladiyun of CLAM to me years back, to let me know the specific calling, it is intercession, nothing more.”

She told Newswatch Times further that, “Initially we were interceding for Edo State, but later that year, the Holy Spirit told me God does not only need intercessors for Edo State but He needs women who would yield their wombs to Him just like how we yield to our physical husbands, just like Mary yielded herself and gave birth to our Lord Jesus Christ. By the time I got that understanding, I started talking to women outside Edo State and the few that yielded have been unapologetic supportive of the vision.”

Talking about various encounters of the ministry, Eworo said, “There was a year God gave a clear word that He was going to deal with this nation because of the iniquities. We went to Edo State, the ‘heart beat of the nation’ to go cry to God. That was about five years ago, we later invited women from the geo political zones of the nation to cry for mercy because that was very clear, that message came to us from one teenage girl.”

Remembering her revelation about the current insurgents in the country, she said, “Before Boko Haram came, about seven years ago, God already showed it to us, I told my team and we were praying, I was seeing terrorism like the Al-Qaeda, but I didn’t understand it. We thought it was going to be in Lagos State, so we went to every road that leads to Lagos, and raised altars everywhere that terrorism must not enter Lagos. But by and large, here we are, there is Boko Haram, that is the weapon of God’s wrath and I still believe when women pray, God will have mercy.”


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