Abia governor tasks Church on infusing morals into society




Governor of  Abia State Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu   has challenged the Church to re-strategise and improve on its teachings to inculcate in the upcoming children  of the South East zone the virtue in good morals as a panacea to their survival in a perversed society as Nigeria.
Dr Ikpeazu made the call in his paper presentation, titled ‘Economics Renaissance of the South East, the role of the Church’ at the second session of the Anglican Diocese of Egbu held at Emmanuel Anglican Church, Amorie, Obibiezena,Owerri North Local government. He said the Church has very vital role to play to reposition the zone for it to actualize hiss goal.
The Abia State governor who emphasised  that the new order has to start from the homes, such that the system could produce adults that would grow beyond the temptation of issuing dull cheques to make a living. He noted that the society as it is presently has greatly lost its values, adding the crop of adults today were not properly groomed, with some parents also bearing serious moral burdens such that they are unable to correct and control their children.
He said the zone has been marginalised in the Nigerian context, having been denied access outside the shores of the zone, whether be it by road, air or sea. He revealed that in consideration of the serious need to redress this situation the governors of the zone resolved to explore areas of comparative advantage in zone like in industry and merchandise.


He regretted however that not much has been made out of this due to the locked up nature of zone and expressed the hope that in the next four years the zone would be accessed by sea.
He then urged the Church to continue to uphold in prayers the leaders of the zone with the burden to liberate the zone from the prevailing adverse economic crunch and also uplift the living standards of the people as well as promote their general welfare.



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