Distribution of Christian denominations across Nigeria

Dayo Emmanuel


Christians across Nigeria on September 24 2012, marked the 170th anniversary of Christianity in the country. Though according to available records, the religion is said to have been introduced and practiced in the then southern protectorate before 1842. DAYO EMMANUEL writes on the distribution of some early mainline churches into various regions of the country.

Christianity came to the region now known as Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal, although officially, the religion was unveiled while the first mission of the Church of England was established in 1842 in Badagry by Reverend Henry Townsend.

As the religion gained prominence after the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, history has it that in 1864, a former slave boy of Yoruba origin, Samuel Ajayi Crowther was elected Bishop of the Niger.

Ajayi Crowther Ajayi Crowther

Portuguese explorers and traders had established relationships with the defunct Benin Kingdom way back beforeā€¦

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