‘Today’s Church teachings not encouraging Christians to join politics’




A community and church leader, Evangelist Omotosho, has enjoined Nigerian clerics to educate their congregations on necessity of engaging in politics.

Omotosho, a grassroots politician and member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), told Newswatch Times that due to the teaching of Christianity, church members naturally obey their pastors who must upgrade themselves to know what obtains in the society.

Stating how he joined politics and the need for Christians to play politics, Omotosho said, “Christians are needed at the fore front. I didn’t just want to be a politician but I was watching the television one day during Jakande era, all the candidates he introduced were all Muslims, then I was gingered.”

“I started at the grassroots, and then God touched my heart. As God would have it, the community approached me to get involved formally, they never knew my thoughts but they just came to me, may be because I was the secretary of the community when it was still very local. I happened to be the secretary then, so when they came to me it was easy. And all along, I have been able to combine being an evangelist and a politician, without allowing them to conflict each other.”

He however noted that some christen teachings do not encourage Christians to involve themselves in politics. “The problem is that teachings of Christianity are not encouraging us. The Muslims don’t take things like this for granted; they are extremely aggressive at it. I have been able to maintain a middle role, I don’t allow my activities to cross and I don’t get myself involved in things I should not be seen doing. At the same time, I am not fanatic at religion.”

Correcting the notion that politics is dirty, Omotosho, who was once a Councillor the state coordinator for Senator Bola Tinubu for Ejigbo/Isolo Local Government for eight years, said, “To be candid, it is not dirty but highly challenging. It is demanding of any aspect of humanity, anything God created calls for politics. You can be ambitious, but don’t be too ambitious. If you are very ambitious, that is when you will play dirty, but you have to be moderate.”

On the future of Christianity in politics, the community leader said, it must begin with the pastors. “It has to start with the pastors that are preaching. They need to water down their teachings; they seem to be too rigid. People want a way to ease their pains, so they swallow everything the pastor tells them hook line and sinker. This is why pastors need to mind what they are preaching,” he said, concluding that, “They should not tell them politics is dirty, the more we are the merrier it is, by the time we are plenty there, we will be able to clean up the place, politics is a necessity, we are all political animals by nature.”



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