Student Christian Movement marks 75th anniversary


Student Christian Movement (SCM) is set to mark its 75th anniversary in Nigeria.

Current President of the movement, Rev. Eric Igalo, said, the group is fine-tuning arrangements to mark the anniversary in various chapters across the country as well as a grand finale in Port Harcourt in 2016.

According to Igalo, the movement, which has influenced students in various capacities, would launch several projects with the celebration. “We would be launching several projects. We are proposing a billion Naira endowment fund for youth work and our other projects. This includes our proposed youth centre in Port Harcourt, River State.” Igalo stated further that, “I expected to and one billion endowment fund for youth work and to upgrade facilities across the nation. We have million of youths and these are great talents waiting to be harnessed.”

The SCM according to records has produced great men and women who are doing wonderfully well in various fields of human endeavours. “We have a lot of captains of industries, university dons, politicians, ministers of the gospel, technocrats, who have been members of the group in their days as students,” Igalo said.

The group is also planning to publish and present documentations of the movement in the 75 years of its existence. We are also going to publish books which shall tell our story as a group, including major landmarks. For instance when the Liberian war was on, we had refugees from that country here in Nigeria. The SCM was actively involved with these people and today the war is over and Liberians are back to their country, some are in the United States now, some even got married and doing well in Nigeria. These and many other stories shall be documented in books for the records,” he said.


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