Makoko ‘Slum To Classroom Initiatives’ at 1

Makoko slums of Lagos
Makoko slums of Lagos

It is with deep sense of honour that I welcome you to this special month of October. This month makes our Slum to Classroom Initiative a year older.
Permit me to state that Slum to Classroom is a community intervention project that helps to provide literacy and life skills activities for young people in hard to reach communities in Nigeria.

The project started on the 14th of October 2015 at Haule Couture Centre in Oke-Agbon, Makoko, Lagos. We started with 23 out-of-school teenagers, but today, the apprentices in training hover between 35 and 40. During the year, eight teenagers completed their apprenticeships and a number of them had to relocate to different locations, some also moved outside Nigeria.

We appreciate all our supporters, friends and partners for their support in making this project a success.

While we are preparing for the one year anniversary of the project, coming up on the14th of October, 2015, we want to appeal to you to please come to our aid for some urgent needs at the centre.

It is important to note that few weeks ago, the place where the youth are taking their lecture broke down and some of the children fell into the river.

Although, Mr. Alvelsi, who coordinates the centre had complained that the need to rebuild the space used for the lectures is germane for the sustenance of the literary programme. I was not happy when I saw the site of the structure that was wrecked.

Also, there are back log of payments to be made to the teacher. These two incidents have led to a draw back from the students.

However, it is very urgent that we buy new planks to replace the old structure in the class and God helping us to pay part of teachers’ salary as soon as possible.

We call for your support toward meeting these urgent needs for the continuation of the project.

We assure that your support as always will be used judiciously and in a transparent manner.

I acknowledge your astute commitment toward helping to save lives and build destinies and I believe that we are together in it to make the world a better place.

Your support in cash or in kind will be highly appreciated.

Your sincerely,

Adeola Ogunlade
Founder/Project Director,
Slum to classroom, a project of Youth Advocate for Change


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