Journalist to launch book on Pastor Adeboye



A journalist with Independent Newspapers Limited, Mrs. Grace Edema, is set to launch her newly published books, titled, “There Is Greatness In You,” and “Who Is Enoch Adeboye?”

In a statement made available to the press,   Edema explained that she got her inspiration having grown up “and discovered that there were no easy to read stories on most of our admired leaders and great achievers in different spheres of life.”

According to her, the book titled, “Who is Enoch Adeboye?” tells the story of the life and times of Pastor E. A Adeboye. It is a biography designed for young adults.

“Emphasis is on the struggles he experienced during his growing up years. The focus on his earlier days, which was primarily his educational period, was to encourage and mentor young adults all over the world to strive for excellence and develop great determination to become positively relevant in their endeavours,” the statement read in part.

The book, according to her will, to a large extent, remould the minds of young Nigerians concerning what good success really is; make it easy for young adults to pattern their lives after Pastor Adeboye’s success story, thereby enabling them to fulfil their God-given purpose.

It will also empower them to brace-up to face challenges on their ways instead of shying away from difficulties or seeking ungodly shortcut.

Edema’s second book entitled, “There Is Greatness In You,” is centred on everything one needs to know to becoming exceedingly great. It is a discovery pathfinder book for young adults and those that know their areas of gifting, but are discouraged by parents and relatives from pursuing their dreams.

“The book is for all, especially those that are completely blank; who are not aware of their gifts and areas of prowess, those whose choices are driven by the affluence they see around some professionals around them; thereby, they pattern their lives along such careers without verifying if they are really gifted in such areas.

“Lastly, the book is also for those that know their gifting, who are using such and have found fulfilment and success through it. This book will provide solutions for anyone in the first three categories and also help the last to improve and make good use of their found talents and areas of proficiency,” she added.

Both books according to the author have illustrations inside them.


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