‘Not new the society is sick, bankrupt, we’re to provide solutions’

Dayo Emmanuel


For years, Shepherd Godsbaby has been at the forefront of a social crusade in Nigeria. Few years ago, he founded the Manifest Dream Project (MDP) Academy, where he reaches out to the youths with the aim of preparing their minds for their chosen future careers. He told DAYO EMMANUEL in this interview, that, the initiative is reaching out to several hundred schools within Nigeria and therefore needs support in order to positively influence more young people who are the future of tomorrow.

You formed MDP, what does it stands for?

MDP means Manifest Dream Project Academy

MDP Academy

What informed it and who are the target audience?

Target audience: Primary: children, teens and youths in primary, secondary and tertiary schools

Secondary target: teachers, parents and school management. Tertiary target: public ministries, corporate bodies, NGO’s, government functionaries and philanthropic persons.

What’s the message?

So we’re out to prepare our primary target…

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