“Not all songs with ‘churchy’ lyrics are gospel songs”

Dayo Emmanuel

Takit Takit

Takit Greatman Ademola is a gospel artiste, fine artist and rapper. Growing as a pastor’s son, Takit started singing at age seven and added rap into his hip-hop brand much later. In this interview, he told DAYO EMMANUEL that churches have not provided enough support for gospel artistes who often migrate to the secular stage. He also advised gospel artistes that money is not everything and that God is the ultimate reward of the artistes. He however enjoinedthem to stay wherever God wantsthem to stay. Excerpts:

How did you start gospel music?

Well, I have been a pastor’s son all my life, despite that, it is a function of myconviction. For me, whatever I do, I wantmy Christian life to be seen. I have beensinging since I was seven but I startedrapping much later.

How is the acceptance because somedenominations may not accept rap, do you face any challenge in terms of

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