‘I practiced lesbianism for 28 years before Jesus rescued me’

Incredible! True confession of a former lesbian who practised for 28 years

Dayo Emmanuel


She is 35, but the story of her life is a blockbuster. At four, she had began to have attraction for people of the same sex. This strange desire culminated in a 28-year sojourn in the lesbian world. Funmi Ayotade told GBENGA OSINAIKE her story.
Now a child of God, Funmi Ayotade ascribed this strange feeling to an encounter in her early years. “This evil desire used to come to me when a particular male replica figure of me appeared to me in my dream or when I was under illusion” she recalled.

But her little mind could not comprehend the damage that was spiritually being done to her sexuality. Some of her uncle were to later turn her to a sex object subjecting her to various sexual abuses when she was barely six. Coupled with the abuse was the maltreatment meted to her mother by her brother in-law and…

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