‘Not new the society is sick, bankrupt, we’re to provide solutions’


For years, Shepherd Godsbaby has been at the forefront of a social crusade in Nigeria. Few years ago, he founded the Manifest Dream Project (MDP) Academy, where he reaches out to the youths with the aim of preparing their minds for their chosen future careers. He told DAYO EMMANUEL in this interview, that, the initiative is reaching out to several hundred schools within Nigeria and therefore needs support in order to positively influence more young people who are the future of tomorrow.



You formed MDP, what does it stands for?

MDP means Manifest Dream Project Academy

MDP Academy



What informed it and who are the target audience?

Target audience: Primary: children, teens and youths in primary, secondary and tertiary schools

Secondary target: teachers, parents and school management. Tertiary target: public ministries, corporate bodies, NGO’s, government functionaries and philanthropic persons.


What’s the message?

So we’re out to prepare our primary target audience for their careers… By careers, we’re talking about “living your dream…” We hope to achieve this by: Discover your talent

Recover your passion and Takeover your character

The above three is our message and it’s a practical task with survey forms… Training modules, workbooks and co. Give us a child and in 7 sessions, we’d give you a very ready and strong willed leader… The Academy trains mentors and counselors who move to school to school to carry out the above services. We train them rigorously. They take twelve courses and do internship.

Are you aware the moral standard in the society is lowering? Do you intend to address this?

Each MDP (manifest dream partner) is first a vocational or professional expert n we’re bounded by powerful moral guides…

It’s called the MDP rule 7. Yes the society is morally sick but that’s not news, we provide solutions.

Immorality is a time waster n idle minds are the fertile ground. When a child knows he or she has a dream to live and knows that the work must be done consciously… That child can’t be easily deceived. What made us morally healthy is not our family or religious upbringing instead it boils on our personal realisation that we’re responsible to God, to humanity n to our self.

Give a thief the responsibility of guarding your money and he cannot steal again because of responsibility and trust banked on him. This is key

So we’re addressing it by fixing the human angle because human causes problems and humans will solve them. God gave us that right n responsibility and we have the necessary talents to fulfil that.

How long has this group been?

If a child is going to school because mom and dad say school is good… The child may join cult later but a child whose motive for schooling is personally driven n futuristic will say “No!!”

We’ve evolved over the years but it’s over three years now

Although the strength of working partners is above fifty presently…and we have spread across four Nigerian states; Lagos Ogun Oyo Ekiti.

You have an event tomorrow (Sunday)? What is it about?

It’s the unveiling of the MDP academy and showing the world our new set of graduating MDPs (manifest dream partners). 30 in number. They are all graduates and undergraduates.

Tomorrow is a launching to show some of our partners the real living result.

We also want to appreciate our partners by exposing their priceless supports.

How are you funded?

Personal, and every partner supports however they can.

Family members and people who believed in this mission have always contributed their quotas

But it’s just been goodwill and that’s God’s grace.

We are about to storm thousands of students in hundreds of schools and we sure need sponsors and supporters to do that. For investors too, this is the best ground

Well I’m an OAP with weekly broadcast on Eko Fm… My listening community has been my greatest assets and it is very encouraging

What position do you occupy in the outfit?

It is family business and I’m like the first born son on a team that is composed of my siblings.

Some call me the founding partner but I think it’s more of steering the wheel. I’m the guy who makes sure that each partner is living his or her dream because that’s what we stand for.

I represent our Father on the team and so, it’s all about taking up more n more responsibilities and being of positive service to the dream of others. We’re united by one dream which is “contributing to a world where everyone is busy living a fulfilling life.”


A brief about you please?

I am Shepherd Godsbaby. I am a Relationship-Life Doctor, a Mentality-Detective & Manifest Dream Partner. I’m an OAP with Eko FM, a trained broadcaster who’s trained over 30 living broadcasters.

I’ve been raised through many aspects of life from street, to school to church and to this academy.

Weekly I reach millions of homes across 16 Nigerian states and I’ve personally counselled more than 1,000 persons on a one-on-one.



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