Lagos commuters stranded on Eid El Kabir holidays

As Muslims in Nigeria joined their counterparts across the world to mark the Eid el Kabir festival, some commuters in Lagos may not have found the holiday as rosy as expected. This is because of the heavy down pour and its associated situations on the roads across the metropolis.

Though the roads were relatively free for most part of the day, the heavy down pour and inadequate provision of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses (blue buses), hampered some commuters’ movement to fun spots Thursday.

Some commuters on essential services and those on fun trips; visiting with loved ones, were not lucky, traveling on the BRT routes.

The blue buses conveyed commuters for free but the services were poor, leaving some stranded at various bus stations. A commuter who simply introduced herself as Adaobi, was not happy at the free but inefficient, gesture of the Lagos State government. “We have been paying, we don’t mind paying the normal fare provided the buses are there to convey commuters. I have been standing, waiting for the bus for over one hour in the rain here at Ojota, it doesn’t make sense at all if they say they are providing free buses which are not available,” she lamented.

Similar was the case of another commuter, Clement, who had to wait two hours during the rain. “Actually I didn’t know buses are free on public holidays,” he said, expressing his frustration, he added, “I would have left with he yellow commercial bus, but I had bought my ticket ahead, not knowing the buses would not be enough on the roads.”

Adaobi however condemned the gesture of the Lagos State government that had made the buses free. “Even on working days, sometimes you struggle to get these buses, not to mention the public holiday when they said they are making it free. I don’t subscribe to their ‘so called’ gesture which has collapsed people’s itinerary all day in the name of free bus which are not there.”

However, the celebration was peaceful across Nigeria without any cause for alarm.


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