Ultral modern mall opens in Abuja


Cappador Property Services Limited, a consortium of property and security Management Company, has unveiled an ultra-modern shopping mall in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital.

The facility, built to give relief to shoppers, providers of goods and services, is strategically placed at the ever-busy Maitama Business District of Abuja, promises to attract more business to the area and the Federal Capital as a whole.

Christened Cappador Mall, the facility is managed by Cappador Property Services Limited, an outfit that is tested and trusted in managing facilities in the caliber of Cappador Mall.

At the commissioning of the Mall, Manager of the facility, Basorun Abiodun Kareem, said, “The mall will provide for business owners and shoppers who prefer serene and secure environment for their businesses and shopping needs.”

He stressed further that the mall has a 24-hour security network and unlimited power supply, ample parking space and proximity to several the central business district of the capital city among others.

The mall has 57 shops that comprises of various business outlets and offices.

Chairman/CEO Cappador Property Services Limited Mr. Patrick Onumah said, the Plaza is dedicated to the glory of almighty God and the need to make life convenient for shoppers and shop owners.



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