Ojota: Robbers take advantage of gridlock caused by trailers

Trailers on Lagos roads
Trailers on Lagos roads


Ever since the the Lagos State government placed a ban on movement of trailers and articulated vehicles during the day in the metropolis, Lagos residents have heaved a sigh of relief.

But this relive may have been premature, this is because just few weeks into the ban, these heavy duty vehicles are back on the roads, leaving trauma and agony in their trails.

After the 2nd September tragedy that occurred at Ojuelegba, Lagos, when a trailer fell off the bridge, killing people in the car beneath, the state government had restricted the movement of trailers and articulated vehicles between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

However, this evening, the traffic gridlock which has become a usual occurrence in the past days, gave room for robbers to operate on the ever busy Odo Iyaalaro bridg,e linking Maryland and Ojota.

According to an eye witness, Ruth Adeyemi, “the robbers, comprising of fierce looking young men, had taken advantage of the gridlock on the bridge to wreak havoc on commuters especially those in private vehicles.”

Adeyemi continued that, “these hoodlums broke a lot of car glasses and obtained items from commuters.” When asked whether there was any police presence, she said, “We had pinged police numbers and we received responses from the police who promised to be at the scene.”

Lagos residence who spend hours on the roads due to activities of trailers, are however pleading with the state Governor Akinwumi Ambode, to wade into the crises, resulting from the resurface of trailers and articulated vehicles within the prohibited hours.



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