“Not all songs with ‘churchy’ lyrics are gospel songs”



Takit Greatman Ademola is a gospel artiste, fine artist and rapper. Growing as a pastor’s son, Takit started singing at age seven and added rap into his hip-hop brand much later. In this interview, he told DAYO EMMANUEL that churches have not provided enough support for gospel artistes who often migrate to the secular stage. He also advised gospel artistes that money is not everything and that God is the ultimate reward of the artistes. He however enjoined them to stay wherever God wants them to stay. Excerpts:

How did you start gospel music?

Well, I have been a pastor’s son all my life, despite that, it is a function of my conviction. For me, whatever I do, I want my Christian life to be seen. I have been singing since I was seven but I started rapping much later.

How is the acceptance because some denominations may not accept rap, do you face any challenge in terms of acceptance?

I have not faced that challenge yet, may be because of how I present my rap, it’s not always all in English language, it also comes in pidgin English and Yoruba language. I try to be as audible as much as possible, I think that is the problem most of the time; people don’t get to hear what they are saying. I also try to project the lyrics most of the time. Sometimes they cannot relate with the rap because of the slangs and all that, people may not easily be able to relate with such slangs.

How do you intend to push your music?

Right now I’m under a label called Soul Brothers Entertainment; the record label started by Don Sam. I’m based in Abuja. I have performed in Lagos thrice, in a Church.

Your dad is a pastor and you grew in the church, how has that imparted your music?

Well you know the Church is full of talents, a lot of people are talented, virtually all the musicians you see out there started from the church, it gave me a lot of exposure and it really started me up.

You mentioned that a lot of artistes started from the Church, what do you think is responsible for the migration from the church stage to the world stage?

It is the problem we have in the Church but at the end of the day, it depends on the individuals’ conviction. The church has not really encouraged the artistes enough. Like if you find out from these artistes, they would tell you they had a lot of challenges. They have bills to pay, they have their challenges, some of them even drop out of schools but the churches only use them as instrumentalists, singers and all that. Sometimes they don’t appreciate them, they don’t encourage them, that in itself is a very big frustration to a lot of artistes, but on the other hand, it is a personal thing. We also need the challenges, if you don’t face challenges, your Christian life will not be strong. If you look at the Church side of the coin, if there is anything like that, if a man sings a love song, it may sound somehow. But the Bible says God is love, if a man sings such songs, the Church criticises it, if not recently that the Church has started embracing it. The Church gets too judgmental about some things which are not really bad in themselves. If it is not a slow song, the person is not anointed, and may be the person is anointed to sing fast songs. My dad used to say David’s songs are diverse.

Some of his songs are slow songs, some are fast songs, some of them are even like rap songs. I think the Church should open her eyes to a lot of these things because we have relegated good songs to slow songs. They tag slow songs as Christian or church songs. Even when unbelievers want to make money, they come into the Church to do such songs, add Jesus and Holy Spirit, and it becomes a gospel song according to some. It is not every song that has Jesus in it that is gospel song. Really it’s not every song that has Jesus in it that is gospel songs. Just like the songs of Solomon for example, if you look at it in literal perspective, it looks like gospel songs. The fact that it is in the Bible means it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. The church should know that music is music. The way to judge a person is through his life, he may sing well, but his life may not project Christianity. There are people that sing Christians songs and later they become gay and their gospel music is still reigning. It should be ‘do as I sing and do as I live,’ that is the right thing. Apostle Paul says we should follow him as he follows Christ.

And must these musicians be paid?

They must be paid and that is why I said it is a function of conviction. That will bring me to the part that you must know the Church God has led you, where you are supposed to be. Stay where you are led to. God is your ultimate reward, not money. If money is your reward, then God is a poor God. Sorry to mention names, Bill Gates and Dangote are not Christians, if money is the reward God has for you, He is a poor God. He is our reward; He is the maker of the heaven and the earth, that does not mean that artistes should not be encouraged. Paul said if they minister to you in spiritual thing, you should communicate with them in carnal things, but that should not make the artistes to be clamouring for pay, but they should be paid. Your ministry is supposed to be in your business, just like a lawyer, he is supposed to be a Christian, do his business in a Christian way and that is how it should be.



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