Parents express worry as children take to brand stage dance

Concerned parents have complained about the appearance of school students on brand road show stages across the Lagos metropolis.
Road shows by competing brands are becoming regular features in Lagos State, home to over 15 million residents.
Recently in Ipaja area of the state, telecom giant, MTN, treated residents to some Nigerian tunes, during which vendors displayed products for sale.
However, school children returning from school took turns to test their dancing skills on the giant sage set by the brand, while vendors of the brand did brisk marketing.
Commuters and traders around the area crowded the area to enjoy the tunes and unique dance steps, as they patronised the displayed products.
Meanwhile, some concerned parents disliked the attitude of the brand who allowed school children on the stage. “It is nonsense for these people to have allowed these little school children to dance on the stage for MTN,” said, Mrs. Ruth Adeyemi, a mother of three, who added that, “I trust my children, they would never dare it, I see it as a stupid thing.”
Adeyemi however advised parents. “Parents should not just send their children to school and welcome them when they return without asking them questions. Parents should warn their children from things that could expose them just like dancing on brand stage.”
Mrs. Mary Alozie is of a different opinion. “I think big brands should create more dance competitions, especially during their road shows and make these children win prizes.” She also observes that some children are talented and not all of them would become stars in the academic field.
“As much as I do not like children being used to dance and advertise products, some of them would necessarily not go far in academics, some of them, whether we like it or not, would end up in the entertainment industry, so we should give them chance to express themselves.”
Another parent who seems to agree with Adeyemi is Mr. Tijani Adegoke Rafiu, a trader. “It is totally wrong for these children to be allowed on such stages. Some even dance with their school uniforms on. I think authorities of such schools should correct these children. This wouldn’t have happened during our days in school, “he complained.
Children however are gifted differently; their talents should be well channeled to productive use. Dancing on brand stage during school hours or when they should be home helping their parents should be discouraged.
Schools should however encourage expression of talents and gifts and create more extracurricular activities which should include dance, and corporate brands should be approached for sponsorship.



Story and picture by Dayo Emmanuel


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